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Bourgogne Aligoté

BOURGOGNE ALIGOTÉ is a light white wine, white gold in colour with strong green highlights. Its fresh and frank fragrances are reminiscent of grapes, green apples and lemons. On the palate, its vivacity and acidic dominance are complemented by discreet but sufficient smoothness. Good length, pleasant and aromatic, and wonderful finesse.
  • Colour

  • Variety

    Aligoté (100%)
  • Alcohol (%)

  • Bottling

    At the estate
  • Ageing Potential

    1 year
  • Serving Temperature



Bourgogne Aligoté is fermented in a thermoregulated tank, allowing for easier management of the fermentation and thus better aromatic expression.


Maturation is also carried out in stainless steel tanks, where malolactic fermentation occurs. The wine is matured from six months to one year depending on the vintage. It is then bottled and consumed young in order to fully enjoy its aromatic richness.

Wine and food pairing

Seafood, charcuterie

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