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Savigny-les Beaune

Our white Savigny-les-Beaune is a blend of two plots of Chardonnay, one on the plain and the other on the hillside, which brings a beautiful balance that lies between minerality and richness. The white wines of SAVIGNY are fruity and rich with many aromas, becoming smoother as they mature.
All the white wines of Burgundy come from the CHARDONNAY grape variety (with the exception of Bourgogne Aligoté), and this displays very different characteristics depending on the quality of the terroir in which it is planted. In SAVIGNY, only 10% of the vines are of the Chardonnay variety.
  • Colour

  • Variety

  • Alcohol (%)

  • Bottling

    At the estate
  • Ageing Potential

    3 to 8 years
  • Serving Temperature



Our Savigny comes from a blend of two winemaking methods:
- part of the Chardonnay juice is fermented in a thermoregulated stainless steel vat, which allows the varietal aromas to emerge;
- another part of the juice is placed directly in barrels, so that alcoholic fermentation takes place there. Once the alcoholic fermentation is complete, the fermentation lees are stirred
– a procedure that is carried out weekly and adds richness to the palate.
This blend allows us to obtain a wine with excellent aromatic expression as well as good length on the palate.


In oak barrels

Wine and food pairing

Fish, seafood, aperitifs and, for those who dare, goat cheese

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